Masterblend Upholstery Pre-Spray (Gal)

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Masterblend Upholstery Pre-Spray (Case of 4 Gallons)

Upholstery PreSpray is an alkaline prespray for upholstery cleaning. Alkaline in nature to ensure a quick, complete, and effective breakdown of oils and soils on upholstery, such as body oils. Self-neutralizing formulation gives exceptional results with a pH that automatically reduces to neutral in 10 minutes.

• Self-Neutralizing Alkaline PreSpray
• Aggressively Breaks Down Grease & Body Oils
• Emulsifies Food And Beverage Spills
• Ready-To-Use, No Mixing Required
• Ready-To-Use pH Is 9.5 (Safely Self-Neutralizes Upon Drying)

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