Optrel Clearmaxx Air Purifying Respirator System

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Optrel Clearmaxx Air Purifying Respirator System

Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clear air with adjustable air distribution make the Clearmaxx the unique face and respiratory protection system with the highest safety level.

A rotary switch can be used to feed 20% of the air cooling the forehead area. Direct air draft crossing the eyes leading to dry eyes is avoided by the air distribution system.

Combining it with the Optrel e3000 PAPR system with mountain breeze filter the Clearmaxx becomes the perfect buddy on countless types of work.

[tab name="Specifications"]

EN166 Optical class = 1
EN175 Mechanical strength = BT
Shape stability
Grinding mask up to 220°C / 428°F
Front cover lens up to 137°C / 279°F
Black unpainted
Operating temperature
-10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F
Storage temperature
-20°C to + 80°C / -4°F to 176°F
334g / 11,782 oz

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