Equipment Rental


Equipment TypeDaily RentalWeekly Rental
Centrifugal Airmover$12.50$75.00
Axial Airmover$14.00$84.00
Medium Dehumidifier$37.50$225.00
Large Dehumidifier$58.00$348.00
X-Large Dehumidifier$68.00$408.00
Phoenix 1200 Desiccant$265.00$1,750.00
Quest Desiccant Dehumidifier- 385 CFM$110.00$660.00
Hepa 500/Ermator A600 Air Scrubber$49.00$294.00
Ermator A1200 Air Scrubber$59.00$354.00
Phoenix Firebird$110.00$660.00
Phoenix Firebird compact$80.00$480.00
Air Conditioner – Phoenix Arctic Max$80.00$480.00
Portable Carpet Extractor$79.00$474.00
Floor Machine 175 RPM$45.00$270.00
High Speed Burnisher$45.00$270.00
Floor Drying Package$100.00$600.00
Hydroxyl Machine (must sign waiver)$45.00$270.00
Ozone Machine (must sign waiver)$45.00$270.00
*Subject to Reconditioning Fee, To Be Determined On a Case by Case Basis i.e., Mold, Fire, Drywall.

Rental starts when equipment is picked up / dropped off. A rental day is based on a 24 hour period and unless otherwise stated on the contract is based on a 3 day minimum. During major events Schaper’s reserves the right to restrict rental duration and pricing.

Miscellaneous Items:
Lay Flat @ $1.25 per foot;
Dehu Filter change @ $23.00 per Dehu; $25.00 for 2400 & 2800i;
Hepa 500 1st & 2nd filter change $26.00;
2000CFM Hepa 1st & 2nd stage $36.00.
Decon Fee for either Fire or Mold jobs $165.00

Delivery Fees will apply depending on amount of equipment ordered and time of delivery.

Mobilization will be estimated up front. Otherwise it will be charged out at $3.00 per mile from point of origin to the rental location and back.

Equipment can be “called off rent” on Saturday and Sundays at the discretion of the manager. Equipment must be called off 12 hours prior to being “off rent” and a fax or email must be sent w/the exact equipment being called off, the equipment count and the location where it was dropped off with a signature from the contracting party. All items that are call off must be returned or picked up the following business day, if items are not received, the rental period will continue and another delivery charge (if applicable) will be added to your account that will match the delivery charge outlined your contract.