Bridgepoint Avenge Clean Rinse (Gal.)

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Bridgepoint Avenge Clean Rinse (Gal.)

Neutral Upholstery Emulsifier

Bridgepoint Avenge Clean Rinse is a blend of surfactants and rinse aids that work in perfect harmony with other Avenge upholstery products. It's formulated to rinse away soil and chemical residue thoroughly, leaving no soil-attracting residues.The neutral pH will not contribute to browning or color bleeding. Avenge Clean Rinse works at any temperature and is safe for you equipment.

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Dilution Ratios:
Portables: 1-2 oz. per 5 gallons hot water.
Truckmounts: 1 qt. per 5 gallons water.

RTU pH: 7-7.5

Contains: 1 gallon

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