CDX NS-2 Ozone Generator

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CDX NS-2 Ozone Generator

CDX NS-2 Ozone Generator is a light weight portable high strength ozone generator. NS-2 Produces 3000mg/hr of Ozone output designed to treat up to 12000sq/ft.

The CDX NS-2 Ozone Generator uses a patented corona discharge technology know as “Sp-arc”, silicate polarized arc. This new “Sp-arc” process allows the NS-2 ozone generators to produce much higher levels of ozone compared to other models with outdated high maintenance ozone plates. All CDX Ozone Generators are designed and built for very high ozone output and utmost reliability for the harshest environments.

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  • Produces 3,000 milligrams of ozone per hour
  • Can handle jobs up to 120,000 cubic feet
  • 100 CFM fan
  • Weighs less than 10 lbs; pulls just 2 amps
  • Maintenance-free design

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